Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oro Gold Cosmetics and Healthy Diet Leads to Better Skin

Between the obesity rate being on the rise, GMOs sparking all kinds of controversies, and local food regaining some footing in the marketplace, food is constantly in the news.  It is wonderful that this issue, the food we eat, is getting some serious attention.  For too long consumers have turned a blind eye to the artificial ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals in not only processed food, but fresh produce as well.  Since food plays a major role in the health of the body, the quality of the food we eat can correlate with the quality of our health.  Every system is affected by food, including the skin.  Adding OroGold cosmetics to your daily routine is going to help your skin look better, but to have it looking its best, you need to have a healthy diet in addition to using Oro gold products.

Yes to Fruits and Vegetables

The first thing you should do to revamp your diet and make it more skin friendly is to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you eat during the day.  These food are where you are going to find a lot of essential minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.  Vitamins and minerals do everything from help your body remove impurities to boosting metabolism.  Antioxidants are extremely important to your overall health as well as keeping your skin in excellent condition.  They are responsible for counteracting  and removing free radicals in the body.
When molecules split, they are usually left with a stable number of electrons.  If the electron are not stable, it becomes a free radical and begins stealing electrons from the molecules around it, turning them into free radicals and the cycle continues.  That is unless there is an antioxidant there to stop them.  Antioxidants can give up their electrons without becoming unstable, which puts a stop to the cycle.  Since free radicals have a direct effect on the appearance of the skin, you should really boost your intake of blueberries, grapes, and avocados.  The daily serving recommendation is two servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables every day.   To get the most out of this food group, eat a variety throughout the day.  It will curb your appetite while delivering beneficial properties to your skin and body.

No to Sugar and Salt

You don’t have to cut out all sugar and salt.  Actually, a small amount of these things can actually help the body.  But in excess, they make your body work less efficiently and are a major weight gain factor.  By simply cutting out your daily soda, you would see a big difference.  Refined sugars are quickly processed by your body, with little nutritional value, which makes you hungry again almost immediately.  Salt causes your body to retain more water.  Be aware that processed food has a notoriously high amount of sodium.   So after ordering your Oro Gold cosmetics from the Oro Gold store, head the grocery store to stock up on fruits and vegetables, and try not to be tempted by the potato chips and soda.
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