Friday, May 24, 2013

Proper Applications of Makeup Foundation From Oro Gold

Proper application of makeup foundation is essential to covering blemishes and accentuating beauty.

 Read Oro Gold: Secrets of Foundation Application to get tips on how to properly apply this staple of your makeup routine. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Extending the Longevity of Your Tattoo with OROGOLD

Tattoos can carry a lot of significance for the person in the skin which bears the ink. But as many people with tattoos know, their tattoo can fade over time. Learn how to maintain the vibrancy and vitality of your tattoo by reading "Orogold Enhances the Appearance of Tattoos."

Get Rid of Smoker's Face with OROGOLD

Everyone knows that smoking takes a toll on your health, but it also takes a toll on your appearance. What is medically known as "Smoker's Face" causes accelerated aging, sallow coloration, and facial wrinkling. Even after a person quits smoking, the effects of smoking can remain marred on their face for years after. Orogold Cosmetics combats Smoker's Face by specially formulating its skin care line to restore skin damage done by genetics and aging, sun exposure, and other environmental factors such as smoking.

To learn more about how to get rid of your smoker's face and restore your skin to a youthful and healthy state read "Oro Gold Products Helps Get Rid of Smoker's Skin."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Expert Refers Women in Their 50's to OROGOLD

Beauty expert and makeup artist Nicole Gray appeared as a special guest on her local news segment "Skin Care for Any Age." For women in their 50's trying to combat the signs of aging, Gray recommended OROGOLD's 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer.

Check out Beauty Expert Recommends Orogold Moisturizer to learn more about why professionals in the skin care industry agree that Orogold Cosmetics ranks among the top skin care lines for combating wrinkles.