Monday, July 29, 2013

Oro Gold Cosmetics Announces New Spokesperson Denise Richards

Hollywood actress Denise Richards is announced as the official spokesperson for Oro Gold Cosmetics. This announcement came at the Grand Opening of New York City's first Oro Gold Store, held last Wednesday, July 24th.

In an the official press release sent out by Oro Gold Cosmetics, C.E.O. Adi Oded expressed the company's excitement over the new partnership with Ms. Richards. "We are thrilled to be able to share the news that Denise Richards is our new spokesperson for OROGOLD Cosmetics...The OROGOLD brand means beauty, elegance, and radiance, which are all things we feel Denise exemplifies on and off the red carpet. This comes at an exciting time for OROGOLD Cosmetics as the company continues to grow."

Read the full press release here.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Keeping Your Eyes Looking Young - Oro Gold Cosmetics

Oro Gold Cosmetics recently published a slide presentation containing tons of helpful tips and information on how to keep yours eyes looking younger, beautiful and splendid longer. Many people experience what is known as 'Crow's feet' (bags under your eyes) and wrinkles around the eye area. The secrets and tips found in this slide will not only show you how to avoid getting these wrinkles and bags under your eyes, but also how to keep them looking younger, refreshed and healthier for a long time. Below is the presentation.

Oro gold cosmetics on how to keep your eyes looking young from Oro Gold Cosmetics
Oro Gold Cosmetics is committed to assisting everyone in defeating the aging process by staying youthful looking longer. If you enjoyed the tips found here you can check out many other slides which contains much more how to and helpful information to keep you and your skin looking more beautiful each day. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oro Gold Cosmetics and Healthy Diet Leads to Better Skin

Between the obesity rate being on the rise, GMOs sparking all kinds of controversies, and local food regaining some footing in the marketplace, food is constantly in the news.  It is wonderful that this issue, the food we eat, is getting some serious attention.  For too long consumers have turned a blind eye to the artificial ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals in not only processed food, but fresh produce as well.  Since food plays a major role in the health of the body, the quality of the food we eat can correlate with the quality of our health.  Every system is affected by food, including the skin.  Adding OroGold cosmetics to your daily routine is going to help your skin look better, but to have it looking its best, you need to have a healthy diet in addition to using Oro gold products.

Yes to Fruits and Vegetables

The first thing you should do to revamp your diet and make it more skin friendly is to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you eat during the day.  These food are where you are going to find a lot of essential minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.  Vitamins and minerals do everything from help your body remove impurities to boosting metabolism.  Antioxidants are extremely important to your overall health as well as keeping your skin in excellent condition.  They are responsible for counteracting  and removing free radicals in the body.
When molecules split, they are usually left with a stable number of electrons.  If the electron are not stable, it becomes a free radical and begins stealing electrons from the molecules around it, turning them into free radicals and the cycle continues.  That is unless there is an antioxidant there to stop them.  Antioxidants can give up their electrons without becoming unstable, which puts a stop to the cycle.  Since free radicals have a direct effect on the appearance of the skin, you should really boost your intake of blueberries, grapes, and avocados.  The daily serving recommendation is two servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables every day.   To get the most out of this food group, eat a variety throughout the day.  It will curb your appetite while delivering beneficial properties to your skin and body.

No to Sugar and Salt

You don’t have to cut out all sugar and salt.  Actually, a small amount of these things can actually help the body.  But in excess, they make your body work less efficiently and are a major weight gain factor.  By simply cutting out your daily soda, you would see a big difference.  Refined sugars are quickly processed by your body, with little nutritional value, which makes you hungry again almost immediately.  Salt causes your body to retain more water.  Be aware that processed food has a notoriously high amount of sodium.   So after ordering your Oro Gold cosmetics from the Oro Gold store, head the grocery store to stock up on fruits and vegetables, and try not to be tempted by the potato chips and soda.
Be sure to take a look at our project titled "Beautiful Faces & Oro Gold Skin Care" which showcases glowing skin.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

24K Nano Gold Technology From Oro Gold Cosmetics

Oro Gold Cosmetics and Their Nano Particle Technology

OrogoldCosmetics and skin care products are always looking for ways to help disrupt the aging process. Their 24K Nano Gold technology is specifically developed to help men and women fight those circles under and around the eyes, dark spots and other problematic areas in your face. All of this work by Orogold experts and beauticians concentrated on redefining the boundaries of other skin creams and formulas. The stakes were raised by those involved to come up with better results than other skin care products before them. The final goal was to push back, attack and repair signs of aging altogether. Oro Gold 24K Nano technology achieved this by instilling microscopic particles in their skin care products. The nanoparticles penetrate deep into the skin and focalize on the outer layer of the skin as well as within. These golden antioxidants concentrate on diminishing the bags in a person's eyes as well as the wrinkles.

How exactly do these nanoparticles work? One of the ways Orogold achieved this was to have the antioxidants increase the flow of blood to the skin. This action, in turn worked to regenerate the flow of oxygen and skin cells to the face. At the same time, the mineral rich and formulated skin care products detoxify the skin making it feel and look younger and replenished. Another way this latest technology works is by tightening sagging and loose skin. The nutrients fight dead skin particles which tend to dull complexion. These minerals send essential nano atoms and exfoliants to revitalize cellular production. Orogold cosmetics continues to have their team of experts work each day on ways to improve their products. This research is done in order to discover and formulate means to assail and reverse the aging process altogether. Check out our OROGOLD Cosmetics Collagen Treatments here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oro Gold Cosmetics Skin Care Products Reviews

The Truth About Oro Gold Cosmetics Skin Care Products Reviews

Orogold Cosmetics has been receiving tons of press lately based on their innovative ideas which led to them infusing real 24K gold into all of their cosmetics. However, many people all over want to know the truth about Oro Gold Cosmetics skin care products reviews and whether or not they actually work.
What about Orogold cosmetics? How did they come about? It was through extensive research and studies that Orogold cosmetics came up with anti-aging creams, moisturizers, serums, Bio-brightening treatments, collagen creams and many other age defying skin care products. Recently, many famous Hollywood stars and celebrities have been speaking  publicly about their use of Oro Gold products and even declaring the positive effects the products have had on them. Still, there are many people out there searching for the real truth behind Oro Gold skin care reviews.

For anyone who searches through Amazon or other sites, it is easy to find many positive reviews regarding all of the Orogold cosmetics. You can also come across sites which have done extensive researches and reviews as well. One site in particular wrote a written report titled "Oro Gold Reviews - OroGold Cosmetics Exposed!" which you can read for further insight.
Orogold Cosmetics takes great pride in creating products that can actually help those who use them. Helping  people look and feel younger longer and have beautiful glowing and radiant skin is part of the credence behind Orogold Cosmetics and skin care products. Now that you know the truth about Oro Gold Cosmetics and skin care products reviews be sure to visit a store near you. Orogold has well over 100 of these stores worldwide. Of course you can also easily and securely shop online for products as well. Let Orogold Cosmetics help to restore your skin and beauty today!

You can see some beautiful photos showcasing 
Orogold cosmetics in several projects in which you may enjoy. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Proper Applications of Makeup Foundation From Oro Gold

Proper application of makeup foundation is essential to covering blemishes and accentuating beauty.

 Read Oro Gold: Secrets of Foundation Application to get tips on how to properly apply this staple of your makeup routine. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Extending the Longevity of Your Tattoo with OROGOLD

Tattoos can carry a lot of significance for the person in the skin which bears the ink. But as many people with tattoos know, their tattoo can fade over time. Learn how to maintain the vibrancy and vitality of your tattoo by reading "Orogold Enhances the Appearance of Tattoos."

Get Rid of Smoker's Face with OROGOLD

Everyone knows that smoking takes a toll on your health, but it also takes a toll on your appearance. What is medically known as "Smoker's Face" causes accelerated aging, sallow coloration, and facial wrinkling. Even after a person quits smoking, the effects of smoking can remain marred on their face for years after. Orogold Cosmetics combats Smoker's Face by specially formulating its skin care line to restore skin damage done by genetics and aging, sun exposure, and other environmental factors such as smoking.

To learn more about how to get rid of your smoker's face and restore your skin to a youthful and healthy state read "Oro Gold Products Helps Get Rid of Smoker's Skin."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Expert Refers Women in Their 50's to OROGOLD

Beauty expert and makeup artist Nicole Gray appeared as a special guest on her local news segment "Skin Care for Any Age." For women in their 50's trying to combat the signs of aging, Gray recommended OROGOLD's 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer.

Check out Beauty Expert Recommends Orogold Moisturizer to learn more about why professionals in the skin care industry agree that Orogold Cosmetics ranks among the top skin care lines for combating wrinkles.